Derek Choo

Trade: Yachting and Lifestyle

Company Name: by Xynez LLP

Xynez LLP is a lifestyle experience company, with a key focus on delivering unique experiences. is my core business, providing customers with easy and affordable access to renting a yacht. Whether for a few hours within Singapore, or for few days or weeks outside of Singapore, we can facilitate! Delighting customers since 2011, is proud to be the loved and trusted brand for yacht charter in Singapore by many companies and individuals. Besides providing yacht rentals, we offer a unique Yacht Investment Plan with low minimum entry, no ongoing operating costs. Contact me to find out more.

Job Title
Executive Director
Power Team
Events & Entertainment
Support Team
Contact Number
(+65) 90174247
I can refer to you
Yacht owners
Please refer to me
High net worth individuals,Yacht owners,Lifestyle concierge services,Travel agents
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