Lydia Yang

Trade: Digital Marketing and Training

Company Name: Big Wall Consultancy

Hi I am Lydia Yang, co-founder of Big Wall Consultancy, a small but passionate team focusing on helping businesses with digital marketing solutions. 💪🏽

Big Wall consultancy is derived from our love for rock climbing, and big wall climbing is the concept of tackling a big rock face that involves a multi day climb and spending a night on the wall in between. Just like the big wall, we believe in journeying with our clients through little climbs and milestones, with the end goal of getting to the top with a higher digital marketing presence.

A bit about myself, I come from a background of doing digital marketing and training in international corporations before deciding to pursue the love for climbing and starting Big Wall Consultancy. To end of, I hope that you know a bit more about me and big wall consultancy, a team that strives to help you Get Found on Google, even if you are not lost.

Watch our short intro video here -->

Thank you and look forward to working together.

Best Regards,

Lydia Yang

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Businesses that are looking for digital marketing solutions and to grow their online search presence and rankings on Google.
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