Alexander Koh

Trade: Bespoke Tailor

Company Name: The Cutting Room 1982

Alexander has been in touch with the craft out of curiosity and interest from a young age. After picking up jacket cutting from his uncle as a young adult, he felt there is much more to learn and wanted to see what the world has to offer in the area of bespoke tailoring. Since then, he has been attached to master tailors in London, Florence and Naples where he as acquired further skills in jacket cutting and making, as well as trousers cutting. In a bid to expose himself to tailoring at the luxury level, Alexander has also pursued a career with KITON and Ermenegildo Zegna. By applying the knowledge and experience acquired, he plans to persistently push the boundary of The Cutting Room’s production quality and capability. It is as he calls it, dedication.

Job Title
Bespoke Tailor
Business Function
Support Team
Visitor Host
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