Elizabeth Goh

Trade: Lifestyle Membership

Company Name: Sky Premium

Good morning, I’m Elizabeth representing Sky Premium.

A short summary of what Sky Premium does, is that we are a Exclusive Members-only privileges club that aims to bring together like minded individuals to enjoy “The Good Life” which is also our company slogan. We do so by curating exceptional experiences and privileges across 4 Pillars of Living namely – Travel, W/D, Shopping & Wellness.

Apart from merchants’ benefits, we have branched out further, exploring interaction with our members through our Members Engagement Events, which are held twice (or more) every month.

One highlight is that our events are greatly appreciated by our members as we deliver exclusive hamper in accordance with the theme of the webinar as it provides them with a well-rounded experience, rather than just a monotone session.

Job Title
Lifestyle Consultant
Business Function
Support Team
Visitor Host
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