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Christiane Mikaela is an independent, full-time singer-songwriter, well known for her sultry pipes, vibrant fashion and heart of gold. The bohemian queen of Singapore's music scene since 2012, Christiane has been performing and composing since the age of 5, gracing stages around Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Australia and even amongst tribes in Africa. Armed with her mission to inspire those lost in their darkness, Christiane charms audiences with her passionate, vibrant character and empowering music.

The petite powerhouse has also performed at stages like Esplanade, Singapore Night Festival, EarthFest Singapore, and has been featured in prints like JUICE and Straits Times. Christiane has also garnered national recognition through competitions like the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2013, Noise TMM 2014, and was an official judge for HOME’s Talent Pageant. An advocate of several socio-environmental causes, female rights and self-empowerment, Christiane has collaborated with organisations like the National Arts Council, Music & Movement, and SSO Youth.

Christiane puts a cheeky edge into her writing, with a unique vocal style reminiscent of a classic era. Christiane Mikaela's debut EP is in the brewing cauldron right now!

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