Ho Yeow Liang

Trade: Printing Services

Company Name: Allegro Print

Introducing Art into Interior Spaces

“A chance for you to tell a story about who you are, what you’ve done, the ever changing things that you love”.

At the heart of LayerPlay, is the commitment to bringing fresh, immersive interior experiences that awe & excite, to liven the aesthetics and ambience of any indoor living setting.

There are those who would say a dull coat of paint would suffice. But why hide layers of personality that tells your unique tale under common paint? When it comes to your home, settling is never an option – creative expression is.

We’re passionate about helping our clients tell their story through our highly customizable and tailored Digital Printerior Solutions. LayerPlay seeks to enable and delight the creative in you!

Working together with a multi-disciplinarian team of dedicated consultants, talented artists, designers and industry collaborators. From start to finish, we’ll transform a humble abode to one that’s worth talking about.

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