Vivian Ng

Trade: Tea Master & Purveyor

Company Name: Anna Gee Consulting and Trading Pte Ltd

Vivian is a tea merchant and director of Anna Gee Consulting and Trading Pte Ltd, purveyors and curators of specialty products. In its pursuit for the finest pleasures in life, the company insists on safe, ecological, organic and even compostable products without compromising their original, natural or traditional tastes and scents.

“Tea can’t get any better than ANNAGEE. "

Job Title
Business Function
Health & Wellness
Support Team
Network Education Minutes
I can refer to you
Training and Education, Food Products,French-speaking ,Beijingers,Thai nationals,Phuket Travel and Tourism,French nationals,LGBT
Please refer to me
High-end Pantries, Country and City Clubs, Tea Retailers of DIverse Brands,Cafes and Restaurants,Souvenir and Gift Shops,Organisers of Cultural Activities and Retreats,Tea Lovers
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