About BNI Champions

BNI Champ!ons is a closely-knit community of business owners, that is about Champ!ons, created by Champ!ons, for Champ!ons. Just as iron sharpens iron, our loving community of brothers and sisters help one another become better, by giving qualified referrals and learning from each other’s experience. Today, Champ!ons is recognised as the fastest growing BNI chapter in Singapore and amongst the top 3 chapters in Singapore.

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Why Join BNI Champions?

Grow your business

Network and collaborate with other outstanding individuals to generate more leads for your business. You do not have to worry about competing with others for referrals as no two members represent the same trade in our chapter.

Build supportive relationships

Running a business can be lonely and stressful. Fellow business owners in our chapter can lend you a listening ear or provide advice to keep you going during both good and bad times.

Learn how to get the most out of networking

Unlike most networking groups, we practise a Givers Gain philosophy and provide a structured system for business owners to get the most out of networking. We help you improve the profitability of your business by increasing your visibility and credibility.

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